30 Day Java Challenge





I didn't have any programming experience in the past. Just sort of python, which I gave up because it sounded to me very complicated.

But after taking this challenge, programming sounds nice, and I feel more interested and enjoy it, really?

And it's something doable. Really.

My opinion about Tom as a teacher: I think he's very responsible and dedicated person. And I felt really his support. It was really nice.

Yes, definitely, I would recommend this course, this challenge to whoever is interested.

This course was like a whole complete package.
You could have chance to negotiate to talk, to share your problems. Ask your questions to practice too.

The subjects were really suitable for a beginner.

I am really happy by taking this challenge. Thank you very much.

- Souri Qaredaqi



Back in the days, I had a little coding experience, but I never actually learned it. It was back in high school.

Anyway, I started to realize, computers are the future, and if you want a well paid job, then you need to learn some coding or programming.

When I saw that 30 Days Java Challenge, I wanted to give it a try.

I didn't regret it, because I really liked how Tom is mentoring and how he's well organized.

Also, I really loved that he's always there to help if you need it.

So, it's all about you making that first step and that is assigned for 30 days Java Challenge. 

- Nevena Tomic



First of all, thank you so much Tom for making me believe in myself.

I wasn't good at Informatics in high school, and I'd never been good at coding until this 30 Day Java Challenge.

In high school we learned Python, and as I said, I wasn't good at it-

So my teachers discouraged me and told me that I better not study informatics.

But, guess what, teachers!?

After two years, I decided to study informatics.

And that's all thanks to you, Tom.

You are the best and the right kind of teacher that we all need to have in our colleges, schools, universities...

Yeah. Thank you so much.

- Damla Agirgol



I came for this class without any prior knowledge of programming,

But at the end of the day, I left with some understanding of what programming was about.

I recommend it to anyone looking to pursuit programming and to develop their programming skills with no knowledge.

It was great.

Thank you for this class. Thank you.

-Leslie Addo



I liked the Java challenge a lot.

I especially liked the exercises. It gives me a thorough understanding of the various aspects of Java.

Even though I have some programming experience, I never had an exposure to such a simplified way of Java.

Thank you so much.

- Juby Mathew



Hi. I'm Samson and I want to say something about this one month challenge on Java,

To say something about me. I don't have real work experience in programming, but I have attended some HTML and CSS courses and also some JavaScript.

And I can say I have a little bit of understanding on programming.

So as far as this 30 day challenge is concerned,

I was hesitant to sign up at first.

But after I signed up, I started with high interest.

And when I go through the lessons, I found all the lessons very interesting and they exceeded my expectations.

One thing that made me say like this is that the way the lessons are broken down is very nice. It's not very long, is not very short, it is focused.

It's not boring for someone to follow up - it's not like one long video there.

It's broken up videos - it gives you the lecture at first, then the exercises, and that makes it very interesting.

I can also say the whole website is designed in such a way that it is very user friendly, interactive and easy to use.

I also appreciate that.

Another very interesting part in this are the Mentoring Calls.

So this mentoring calls help answering any kind of questions.

As Tom says that there are no silly questions.

So we forward any questions here and and the Live Mentoring all. the questions are answered and they will be attached to the specific day or topic.

So I like this this training and challenge so very much and I don't want some some comments here.

I mean, in almost all of the daily lessons there are exercises, or at least there is something to do or practice home, which is a very good thing.

Finally, I do very much recommend this 30 day Challenge to anyone who is interested in pursuing or in learning Java and join the programming field.

I thank Tom very, very much and I really appreciate it, Thank you very much.

- Samson A



I came to the Java challenge with just a little experience and I expected it to be a huge task.

But if well explained, it's pretty comprehensive and Tom breaks it down so the information is easy to understand and simple to follow.

He is ready to help where he can, so you won't feel left alone.

I think the challenge is well thought through and nicely structured.

So the actual challenge is the time.

But since you can still access the program past the 30 days mark, there is no need to stress.

You can take your time and figure it out for yourself in your own pace.

So I would definitely recommend to try it out.

- Anita



In the start, I didn't have any programming experience.

I wanted to learn something new, to upgrade my skills and to find a better job with better pay.

This is a nice course, and Tom is a nice mentor.

I learned a lot, and I hope in the future, with some practice I will upgrade my skills and upgrade my job.

Thank you very much, Tom!

- Milan Milanovic



I would really recommend Java for beginners with Tom.

It will bring you closer to Java in a cool way, whether you have programming experience or not.

My experience with the TeachMeTom course was really helpful.

So thank you, Tom.

- Nikola Rajčić



My background didn't consist any previous programming experience, but I always had the preference and wish to try myself in this field.

So I decided to take the course and see how it goes.

And I must say I'm happy I did that, because I'm thrilled and so happy that I found you because your way of explaining and your experience, which is shown in the course, is great

and your simplification of everything is the thing which I like the most,

and it's great way how you simplify everything.

So even persons who are not technically experienced and they don't have previous knowledge about coding, they could understand that!

I would definitely recommend all your courses to everybody who is willing to take the chance with the future programming experience and learning.

And what else I would like to say:

In the beginning, I was thinking it would be hard to learn all the basics of programming, Java programming. But at the end, I realised that it's completely different story with you, Tom.

So thank you for that.

Thank you for all the great advice is and hopefully I will grow further more and learn even more advanced Java of programming. Thanks one more time.

- Miro



Thank you very much for your help.

It's really challenging and interesting at the same time.

I have experience in Java previously, but I never did anything with Java.

The reason being why I joined is to try and upgrade and update my skills, and learn some few things again regarding Java.

Your teaching has been very helpful and also challenging.

Although there's still one or two things that I'm still struggling with.

But I believe practice makes perfect

Hopefully I will get to that stage I wanna find myself.

Yes, I will definitely recommend people to come on board and if they're interested in learning Java, yes, I will recommend you as a teacher.

You're teaching is very good.

The resources and the tools used is really, really good

And the videos are really helpful.

I'm so very grateful that I joined the class.

I will really appreciate if you're gonna add me to the five Java training days to help me more. I'll be very grateful.

Thanks very much for your help, Tom.
All the best and good luck. 

- Miro



I have for a couple of years studied programming, especially Java programming language.

There is a particular area of the programming language that's always been a problem for me, which is object oriented programming..

That was one of the main reasons why I joined the 30 Day Challenge with Tom. #

My experience with Tom - it's been pretty brilliant. I never understood object oriented programming, not until now.

Tom's manner of teaching is brilliant. He has a good grasp of the language and he can deliver the language as regards teaching people how to understand the Java programming language.

My experience with the 30 Day Challenge is wonderful. It is remarkable.

It is a very brilliant experience.

And with what I've gained in this challenge, I can also teach people now this basic area of Java oriented programming.

Tom is cool. Collected the way delivers his lectures.

I can recommend it for anybody, for anybody that is planning to join this 30 Day Challenge, I encourage you to join, you will never regret it.

The way Tom delivers his lectures is second to none. It's just phenomenal. It's brilliant. I wish as time goes by, I would have every reason to to get in touch with Tom for advanced areas in programming, especially when it comes to web programming language like Spring.

In summary, Tom is brilliant, he is gifted. He knows his stuff. He knows how to teach, he is a teacher. In fact he's a professor in Java programming language. Let me say that. Thank you.

- Adeleke Ogundemuren



I didn't have any programming experience before.

I was a total beginner who thought that programming was complicated and dedicated only to men from technical IT universities.

After a few lessons with Tom, I've changed my mind and discovered that it's not that complicated and that I can also become a programmer.

I would highly recommend lessons with Tom, who is a good teacher and explains everything in a simple way so that everyone could understand.

Taking the Java challenge was a great experience with a lot of fun. 

- Joanna Drabik



I'm really excited because I finished the 30 Day Java Challenge.

I had experience with some programming languages like Lua C#, HTML and CSS. But before this challenge, I never understood the programming like this,

and I was really depressed trying to find some job in mobile industry, in developing mobile applications.

And then I saw the 30 Day Java Challenge on my instagram

and now I finished this challenge and I'm really happy because now I understand how it all works.

And really, it's not that difficult as you think, because Tom is a really, really good teacher.

He explains things in a way that makes you think the programming is really, really easy.

And I think that you should take this this challenge because it's really life changing and it changed my life.

I am really excited now.

I want to learn more and more languages.

Really, what's the best this it's that you can ask whatever questions or problems you have and Tom will explain it to you and for you.

You will get live explanations and solutions on the live mentoring calls.

And that's all. I hope you get this challenge.

- Nikola Milekic



I have no experience to be more precise. I Was just trying to learn a little bit Python, a little bit more C++

But everything was hard and confusing for me

So far, programming made me feel like I'm going to have a surgery.

Now it's different because I saw your approach.

I don't know too much for now, but I like your content and after 10 seconds I saw that it was what I was looking for.

Yes, Yes, I encourage everyone to accept the challenge. I don't see why not.

The best? That was the initial explanation.

The whole concept is related to familiar real life terms
and it was immediately easier for me to process that in my head.

- Sasa Desancic



I don't have any experience in programming.

I was not so confident about learning Java. I thought it was a very difficult and complicated language.

Now I feel very confident and I can say that I can do programming if I work a little more with the homeworks which Tom gave.

I am so happy with Tom's teaching.

He taught everything in a very simple and easy way.

I like the simplicity and the systematic way the course was put together.

I recommend this course to everybody who want to learn programming,

Thank you very much.

- Bipinchand Sankarankutty



I have a little story about my 30 day Java Challenge.

When I joined this challenge, I had no previous programming or Java experience. And even though I was excited to join the class, I was so skeptical about the end result.

However, the step by step approach by my mentor, Tom, guided me in the right direction on what things I needed to do and how to get over my doubts.

He gave me all the resources and support that I needed to achieve something that I never thought I would even try to do.

I would definitely recommend this challenge to anyone. And I guarantee that you will never regret your decision to do so.

What I liked best about this class is the fact that I could go over and over the material that I was given - the videos, the tutorial videos.

And this made me understand the stuff even better, because whenever I was in doubt, I could go back and say "Hey, what did Tom say about this or what did I miss on this video?"

So being somebody that has to balance work, life, you know, attending to my family - just having that option to go back to the videos over and over, helped me alot.

And there's just a lot of things that are there available to anyone taking this class.

And I definitely appreciate Tom for the class

I can definitely recommend this class to anybody. Thank you.

- Albert Bota



I never had any prior programming experience.

Before I actually experienced this program with Tom, I was thinking it would be like no mainstream programming experience.

But taking the course with Tom, the experience was quite, quite different.

He explained better, and very understandable the way he delivered the message.

The class is very, very beautiful, I liked it, I enjoyed it.

About Tom - Tom is a great teacher, his delivery actually suited our abilities.

And yes, I would recommend this course for anybody, especially seniors like me.

I've learned about programming for years. The challenge with him was a kind of refresh, which probably I never thought I was going to get.

But where I am today now. Thank you, Tom. I did really enjoy your lecture. Thank you once again.

- Richard Davis

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