I Help "Normal People" Learn Programming

Without Headache, Frustration or Overwhelm.

Tom Schweitzer

Hi, I'm Tom.

I've been working in the software industry since 1997, as developer, technical project manager, mobile app publisher, CTO, Scrum Master and a few other roles.

I created "TeachMeTom" to share my technical experience and business knowledge with people who always wanted to learn programming, but didn't know how to start, or who got stuck on the way.

Here are some of the companies who paid me to work on software in the past:

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How Much Is Not Knowing A Programming Language Costing You?

Most People Struggle
When They Try To Learn Programming.

It can really feel like the odds are stacked against us, because...

  • We do not know which programming language to start with.
  • We are overwhelmed with thousands and thousands of tutorials, videos, courses and web sites. 
  • Psst - we secretly fear that we might be not young enough, not smart enough, not quick enough to "get" programming.
  • We think that we do not have enough time in our daily lives to dedicate to learning programming.
  • We assume that we have to know weird symbols and difficult syntax by heart.
  • We think you'd need math to learn programming - and we were always bad at math in school...

We start to learn programming because we want to boost our career, increase our salary or start our own freelance business - in short: to get more freedom.

But most beginner programmers do not know how to structure their learning path. 

They start a seemingly endless cycle of choosing a random tutorial or course, discovering that the information presented is outdated, or that it assumes prior knowledge of weird "tech terms" that nobody has ever heard of, or that the code simply does not work, for whatever strange reason. So they jump to another tutorial, where the story repeats itself. 

That's frustrating and stressful. In the end, they quit in anger, thinking that only "geniuses" can learn programming.

But that's not true! Watch my free on-demand class and discover how to learn programming the right way.

Learn Programming In Less Than A Month, Guaranteed(And Then Have The Map For Your Next Steps)

  • Stop feeling left out. "Software is eating the world" - if you know programming, you can take advantage and participate actively in that mega trend. 
  • Learn one language, apply the principles to any language. I'll show you how to choose the best programming language for you, and we learn the basic principles that can be applied to any language.    
  • Boost your career. Whether you get the promotion you deserve, start a new  job or launch your own side business - there's a great chance that knowing a programming language lets you have more freedom and satisfaction in your work.

Here's What To Do Next



Join in on a fun on-demand web class to help you get your personal learning path.



Depending on your situation and goals, I'll show you which language to choose and teach you a complete system to learn this language.



Once you have mastered the basics, I show you your personal map - where to head next and how to continue your learning, using online resources and frameworks.

what students say

Success Stories

Here is what some of my students had to say about their experience. Click the arrows to scroll.

So happy that I found Tom.

In the beginning, I was thinking it would be hard to learn all the basics of programming.

But at the end, I realised that it's a completely different story with Tom.



Made me believe in myself.

My teachers discouraged me and told me that I better not study informatics.

But, guess what, teachers!? After two years, I decided to study informatics.

And that's all thanks to Tom.



Life changing

Tom explains things in a way that makes you think that programming is really, really easy.

I am really excited now. I want to learn more and more languages.



The 3 Steps To Learn ANY Programming Language

In this free on-demand web class, you learn how to structure your learning path for any programming language into 3 simple steps.