The Underground System To Learn ANY Coding Language,

Even If You Have Never Written Code Before

The Underground System To Learn ANY Coding Language,

Even If You Have Never Written Code Before

How To Learn Programming
Without Typing

  • Create programs without typing - via drag-and-drop
  • Practice programming with fun exercises - like a translator "bot", a quiz or a number-guessing game
  • Choose the right programming language for you and apply what you have learned.

This is dramatically different from any "learn programming" training or book that you might have seen before, because it's more of a "field guide" to programming than a traditional "text book".

We literally start from "Scratch".

We do not assume ANY previous knowledge of computer terms or having any computer experience.

No techno babble - we use easy-to-understand language with plenty of real-world examples.

There’s no theory, no fluff or filler. We immediately get down, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.

Plus, it's is easy to read!

The book has 144 pages, and more than half of it are pictures and screenshots.

If you follow these steps laid out for you in the book - simply by by dragging and connecting colored blocks on your screen - you’ll "get" the entire system and understand programming once and for all within a weekend!

You do not need to download or install anything! You will create all your programs directly in your web browser... without typing.

Here's just a fraction of what you're getting:

  • How to create programs without typing, via drag-and-drop (Page 16)
  • Understand the three basic functions that EVERY program consists of (Page 7)
  • How to ask the user of your program for input - see page 34.
  • How and why to switch between "programming" and "executing" your program, revealed on page 21.
  • How to create your own Lego-like building blocks, that you create once and can use in many different programs. (Page 88)
  • You learn how to get your program to behave differently depending on the user input on page 54.
  • How to store small pieces of data, like a name or a number - Page 41
  • When and how to execute parts of your program multiple times. (Page 76)
  • How to share your programs with anybody using a web browser.

But that's not all!

Get Lots Of Practice:

When you have understood the basics of programming, we will put your new knowledge to good use in these cool programming projects:

  • Build a translator "bot" that automatically translates text into many different languages. (Page 122)
  • Secure your program with a secret password (Page 59)
  • Create a quiz or trivia program - starting on page 64.
  • Program a number-guessing game that you can forward to your family and friends to play - see page 112.
  • REALLY cool - let your program speak like Alexa or Siri. (Page 119)

Once you've gone through the book and learned the principles by creating your first programs via drag-and-drop,

you will discover the "real" programing secret:

The basics of programming are always the same, regardless of the specific language.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can learn any programming language you want, simpy by applying the same principles.

Specifically Written For People Who Hate "Coding"

Listen. If you don't like to learn "coding" by manually typing weird words and code symbols on your keyboard... you're not alone.

I started my career in the software industry 27 years ago - so I know what it's like to struggle for years with programming languages.

Thankfully, there is now this new way of learning programming.


The price for the "Programming Secrets" E-book is $13.

You get it instantly as a PDF download.

Additionally, you get access to bonus video lessons to help you get started right away.



  • 144 Color Pages Ebook (PDF)
  • Instant Download
  • Bonus Video Lessons in Members Area



  • Physical Book (Paperback)
  • 144 Color Pages