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With my 25 years of professional experience as a software developer, project manager, department head and CTO of companies ranging from 1 (myself) to 105 employees,  as well as having worked as a consultant for clients in many different industries, being a lecturer on various universities and  private educational institutes …

It’s really impossible for me to put up everything that might be relevant and interesting for you on this single page.

That’s why I kept it very short.

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TeachMeTom Reviews

Here is what some of Tom's students had to say about their experience:



So happy that I found Tom.

In the beginning, I was thinking it would be hard to learn all the basics of Java programming.

But at the end, I realised that it's completely different story with  Tom.



Made me believe in myself.

My teachers discouraged me and told me that I better not study informatics.

But, guess what, teachers!?

After two years, I decided to study informatics.

And that's all thanks to Tom.



Life changing

Tom explains things in a way that makes you think that programming is really, really easy.

I am really excited now.

I want to learn more and more languages.

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About The Teacher
Tom Schweitzer

Tom has been working in the software industry since 1997.

He has held positions as software developer, project manager, mobile app publisher, CTO and a few other roles

For big corporations like IBM, Alcatel, VeriSign, Rockstar Games - as well as smallish startups.

To this day, he is still writing code...

But the thing he enjoys the most is bringing his vast technical experience and business knowledge to people who always wanted to learn programming, but didn't know how to start, or who got stuck on the way.